10 Best Sites to Network with other Motion Graphics Artists

This list is a useful reference list for all those designers, animators, compositors and creative’s who want to communicate, network and share ideas and output with the rest of the global creative community.

1.  The Motion Exchange

A relatively new site started by renowned After Effects master Harry Frank especially set up to bring together the worlds motion graphics community.

Here you can post videos, discuss others work and all topics relating to graphics and video. It is also a place to generate work for each other and collaborate across continents.

You can set up and join regional or specified groups of like minded designers, blog about current technology and events, or just cruise around the site looking at all the beautiful work posted by the members.

2. Mograph.net

This is a great place for forums, somewhere the bih hitters and tech heads hang out and discuss everything mograph. If you are looking for answers, feedback, critique or industry conflab, this is the place to come and get involved.

3. Motionworks

This site is a fantastic all round resource, and it’s free. John Dickinson posts everything you could ask to see and hear about. The site hosts two popular shows, one interviews leading industry figures, the other offers business advice within the world of motion graphics. On top of that there are hundreds of tutorials, downloads and useful bits and bobs. There is also a forum, and popular comments section on every post, so check it out and get involved with a strong community spirit.

4.  Creative Cow

The world famous cow is the biggest central stop for everything to do with video, graphics, software and technology. Resident experts as well as senior posters offer advice, articles, solutions and insight. The cow has been going since 2001 and is an enormous treasure trove of information. There are forums on every topic you can imagine, with millions of visitors asking questions and answering problems.

5. Vimeo

Vimeo is the video hosting site where creative people like to upload and share their masterpieces, showreels, short films and interesting visuals. There is a huge amount of fascinating material here, and you can join in with discussions, groups, comments and more. Connect with like minded people by adding contacts and stay posted with all their new content, then tell them what you think of it and they can tell you what they think of yours.

6. Media Motion

This is the home of the AE-List, an email list where After Effects experts from around the world can post questions and get answers from the community. It’s a great place to sign up to and get involved, or just lurk and read what the eggheads are talking about. This is a very friendly community but be advised not to ask any stupid questions you could find the answer to on google.

7. Linkedin

A well known business minded social networking tool, linkedin has many groups dedicated to motion graphics, post production and the film and television industry. Sign up for an account then apply to some of the groups specialising in your field. Once you are accepted by the group manager you can enter into the many discussions in the groups, network with people and post your own content.

8. Motionographer

This is another brilliant place to get inspired and connect with creative’s. The forums are varied and there is an enormous amount of visual material to see, articles to read, interviews and video galore. It’s well worth an explore if you aren’t already getting your daily motionographer fix.

9. Behance Network

This site encourages you to communicate with other creatives by enlarging your ‘circle’ of contacts online. You post your work, then look around and get inspired leaving comments and constructive criticism for others.

10. MakeCoolShit

A different sort of networking, but this blog by Nick Campbell is a companion to his successful tutorial and 5 second project site Greyscalegorilla. MakeCoolShit is about the business of creativity, there is some useful advice and a real sense of a place designed to help others get the best from themselves and their work. The comments section is always constructive and sometimes enlightening.

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  • Mars Sanford

    Though I have been known to neglect it myself, I think that the forums at http://www.cgsociety.org/ may be a good nominee for this list, I daresay possibly even better for specifically networking than some of these.

    But like I said, I do neglect visiting it a bit too much, and am not sure if likewise other mograph artists tend to.

  • admin

    Thanks for your input Mars, that site has good forums and is a great community, but tends to be very centred on cgi rather than motion graphics. Maybe I should put together a list of visual effects sites as well, what do you reckon?

  • Mars Sanford

    Yeah, I thought about the whole CG-centric nature of the site after the fact. When I made the post I was thinking more about the networking opportunities as opposed to the whole AEv3D distinction. A great list, thanks for turning me on to a couple new resources!

  • I usually don’t usually post on many Blogs,but I love your blog, I often read here, still I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work.

  • Cucci

    I have to say, every time I come to dazpix.co.uk you have another interesting post up to read. A friend of mine was telling me about this topic several weeks ago. I think I will e-mail them the url here and see what they say.

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