20 Places to Post your Showreel and Portfolio

Here is a list of online places you might want to upload your Showreel or Portfolio of work to get it noticed.  Most of these sites are aimed at Motion Graphics Artists, Video Editors or Animators wanting to get their work noticed, commented on and shared. The more places your Showreel is located the more people will see it, and hopefully the more enquiries you will get for work. It is also a great idea to gain respect from your peers, and a good way of starting to network and communicate with other designers and editors. Have a look at the sites listed below, peruse the Showreels there, tell people what you think of their work (be positive generally, or at least politely critical) and you may well start to expand your network of contacts from all over the world.

There are many sites that offer to display your videos and Showreels, and there are more and more appearing every day, but here is a list of the more popular ones. If you know of any more good places, leave a comment and tell us about it.

1. Vimeo

Perhaps the most likely place to find showreels and all kinds of creative content, Vimeo has become the leading place to find animation, visual effects, film-making and motion graphics. You can sign up for the basic account for free which allows you to upload 500mb of video per week. You can then join groups, channels and make contacts, which will encourage people to look at your reel and comment on it. You can also get the embed code for your uploaded work to place into another web page elsewhere.




The Daddy of video hosting, Youtube is a great place to get your work seen, even if it’s not genre specific. With such a variety of material on youtube it’s not necessarily the first place people will look for talent to hire, but create a channel and get your profile looking good with your masterpieces and viewers will soon start to flock to your pages to see what you are up to.




3. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is a nicely designed interface, you can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools that allow you to change how you display your work. The core idea behind the design of Carbonmade is to keep your images or videos at the forefront. The free option plan (meh!) can only upload 5 projects and 35 images, for $12 or £8/month the Wooh! plan comes with space for up to 50 projects, 500 images, 10 high quality videos, and your own custom domain name.



4. Motion Exchange

A great place for motion artists, designers, animators and visual effects artists to create a profile for free and upload as many videos as you wish. You can guarantee that other users will watch them and probably leave comments and constructive criticism for you to help you improve your reel. There won’t be many clients here, but it’d the best new place to put your work in front of your peers.




5. Postfolio

PostFolio.org is a creative community of people who do and love visual effects and postproduction. You can showcase your portfolio without going through the hassle of creating and promoting your own website. Create your profile, upload your videos, make friends and get involved.





6. Smoothdevil

Another great place to create a profile and upload your portfolio of work, smoothdevil is aimed at all those in tv, film, audio, vfx, post production and video game developers.








 7. Showreel Archive


This site is dedicated to Showreels. You can browse hundreds and hudreds of showreels from around the world, split into many categories. You can also send your details in and get your own showreel featured on the site, where it will be showcased on the homepage for a period of time before joining the archives with all the other reels.





8. Behance

Here you can join thousands of people from all over the world and from all kinds of creative industries and build a multimedia showcase of your work. It will only display still images, no video can be uploaded, but it’s great for showcasing your special selected stills or some of your amazing storyboards that you put so much work into but never get seen.




9. Dailymotion

Dailymotion works in a similar way to vimeo and allows you to upload video once you have registered, but it states that there is no video length limit, you can have a chance of getting featured on the site, and your HD videos will get HD encoding. You can also distinguish your videos on the site as ‘creative content’.





10. Vfx Connection

Vfx Connection allows you to embed your reels from another video hosting site, but here you can network with many other vfx artists. It aims to link together animators and fx professionals, and allows you to see many statistics about how much your profile is being viewed. Its an interesting and slightly quirky place and worth looking at.





11. Creative Cow

The Cow must be the most viewed site in all of video land when it comes to video editors, motion graphics and visual effects artists and designers. Its a great place to put your demo reel and watch the hits rise quickly in the first few days. See how long you can stay on the New and Notable page, and you will be amazed at how many views your reel will get. This is must place to upload to, you may even get some nice comments and a 5 cow rating.




12. Vfx Jobs

Apart from the Jobs aspect of the site, given away in the websites name, this forum based community is a good place to upload your reel and ask for some constructive criticism from more experienced artists and designers from around the globe.







13. Vfx Talk

Similar to VFX Jobs, this is another forum based community where you can upload your reels for others to see and comment on.







14. Flickr

Well known for photogrpahers to display their work, Flickr is also a great place to upload your stills and storyboards. There is a huge community here, many groups to join and your work can be seen by many people quickly if someone decides to link to it. You will need a Yahoo! account before you can use Flickr. If nothing else, it is a very vibrant place to share and discover imagery.






15. Facebook – Ads & Pages

Facebook is not somewhere you might think to post your showreel or portfolio due to your audience being mainly your own circle of friends, but with the Ads and Pages tool, you can create a free profile for your freelance or studio business and get it seen by the enormous quantity of users on facebook. People can become ‘fans’ of your page without needing to be in your friends list, so its another way of getting your work seen by the world.




16. Shooting People

Shooting people targets film makers, producers, writers and directors, but there are many post production based members and the video section of the site is another place where you can display your best work. The audience here may well be able to offer you some work, but often the work here is low paid. It is a great way to meet new people in production though. It costs £30 or $40 a year to be a member and be part of the 37000 community making films.




17. Reel Clever

ReelClever is a site still in beta, but looks very interesting. Not only can you create an online portfolio of video and work to promote yourself, but the site offers you tools to help with project management, collaboration, storyboarding and how to find cast and crew. There are even sections with free articles and a Q&A section where you can get your query answered. Check it out.




18. Reel-Exchange

Reel Exchange is a professional business-to-business community that connects you with other film and video professionals around the world. Members will find project work and permanent positions, hiring opportunities, and potential collaborators for on-spec projects. Reel-Exchange hosts demo reels and other types of professional content (trailers, short films, sample commercials, etc) that demonstrate professional skill in the various disciplines. Search based on geographic location, discipline, equipment/format, project credits, and more.




19. Imagine Animation

This is an all encompassing site aimed squarely at animators of every type, from traditional to stopframe, to cgi. There is a ‘Show and Tell‘ section of the site where you can upload your work and show the animators of the world.







20. Your Own Website or Blog

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is a great idea to start a blog or small portfolio website to point clients to directly. It shows a level of professionalism and understanding, and allows you to showcase your work without offering any distractions to the viewer. There is no need to spend lots of money, just sign up for a free blog, get a vimeo account and embed your work into your blog. It’s simple and effective.






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  • Stefan S


    Also check out http://www.theshowreel.tv
    Designed for professional postproduction freelancers.
    Quite cool and of course I am extremely objective:-)


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    http://xplsv.tv is a great site also.

  • Jacques Alomo

    Hi Guys,

    thank you for featuring the showreelarchive.com on this great list on #7.
    I love to feature great reels and works with some ‘real’ information about the artists.

    So hit me back if you want to get yourself featured.


  • Simon Higgins

    Great post!

    Showreelfinder.com was established in 2005.
    We’re a business to business network of over 3000 showreels spots.
    Come see us.

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  • Mike

    If you are in the UK. Then http://www.creativepool.co.uk is the UK’s largest portfolio site and they have just launched a freelance directory with enhanced profile tools – take a look.

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  • Goose

    I would recommend adding your portfolio to http://www.tubefolio.com a video portfolio community. You can easily add your videos by embedding the links of youtube or metacafe. You can invite friends and gain followers, or share your videos on groups. Members can like and rate on videos to create a real buzz around your work.

    Cheers, Goose

  • Ashley

    You can also post your work onto http://www.viewcreatives.com which is a job site specialising in digital design jobs and similar. I’ve used it and its pretty cool.

  • Acuvue Oasys Rebate

    That was very imformative. Thank you for all the material.

  • Media Jobs

    Theres another jobsite which is Media Week Jobs. You can upload your CV and you could technically include your portfolio. They list the latest jobs in media with a specific section for design jobs.

  • john


    CGMeetUp – Professionals Network Artist, Upload Portfolio, Demo reel, Resume.
    Find best Jobs in vfx, Visual Effect, Animation, Video Games, Digital Art,


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