The Fallout Trust – Before The Light Goes

This is a music video Directed by Duckeye for Production Company Rokkit. It was another example of the close association between The Fallout Trust (Now named The Corrections) and the artists/directors. Using filmed material printed onto cardboard cut-outs and then re filmed in stop frame animation, the strong style is evident, and a particular favourite shot is the hand releasing Joe Winter the vocalist at the beginning of the video. Post Production, online edit and additional lighting and effects touches were done with DazPix using Discreet Flint.

Client: Duckeye / Rokkit

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  • Must get out more

    Just to be pedantic ……. the vocalist released by the hand at the beginning is Joe Winter not Guy Connelly.

    I agree it’s a great shot – in a great music video production of a great song.

  • admin

    woops, thanks for the correction and apologies Joe. I miss the band, great to watch live and the album still gets a regular listen.

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