The Business IT Guides

This is a series of animations for the Business IT Guide website that explain the basics of IT within the small business and startup environment. They were commissioned by podcast voices and video to help their clients target market understand the jargon surrounding IT and to assist in attracting more web traffic to the site.
Initially 6 videos were designed and created, outlining many of the common questions and issues concerning new businesses, such as website design, virus prevention, and data backups.

All the videos were designed and created from scratch using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects using the existing branding of the website. Individual icons were created to help associate each computer or business jargon element visually, before they were all tied together with 3d camera moves and timed to the voiceover and music bed. Key moments of information are highlighted within the animation to encourage the viewer to go directly to the website to find out more and explore the other information that has been made available online.

Client: Podcast Voices & Video

The Business IT Guide

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