BMW 7 Series – I Dream I Drive

This film was commissioned by Jack Morton to kick off the global launch show in Berlin of the BMW 7 series executive car. Due to the secrecy surrounding the final look of the car which wasn’t to be revealed before the launch show, we needed to somehow showcase the car without actually seeing it by disguising it’s body shape with the constantly changing amorphous liquid metal. This cinema-quality promotional film was shot on locations around the world including San Francisco, Monument Valley and Berlin. The launch event was an amazing night of glitz, film, food and entertainment, and of course the entrance of the new car. The event was held in the hangar featured in the film, which was built to contain Airships, but is now converted into a tropical paradise with swimming pool, water slides and man made beach for the German public to enjoy.
The powerful musical theme intergrates modern elements with styles from the five continents, such was the success of the score, that BMW arranged live performances at subsequent events.
The film was shot on 35mm film, and transferred and graded at vtr on the Ursa Gold telecine, before entering the lengthy visual effects faze where the 3d cgi car was built and composited, as well as the numerous other visual effects shots featured during the film. Every technique was used, motion control, HDRI maps, morphing, keying and compositing. All Visual Effects were handled and shoot supervised by DazPix. The film was a winner at the IVCA communication awards.

Client: BMW / Jack Morton Worldwide

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  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh

    Hello, I was the girl in this!
    It was such an exciting gig -travelling to Berlin & San Francisco.
    I recall having cello lessons, & severe reservations about being able to sell playing an instrument it would have taken a lifetime to master, but it didn’t seem to worry you!
    It looks like you did an amazing job with the liquid silver car, just as you described it at the time.
    I never saw the finished film. Would you be able to share it with me all these years later??
    Best Wishes
    Elisabeth Dermot Walsh

  • admin

    Hi Elisabeth!
    I remember this great project well, we had an awesome time
    The old post on my site is here –
    I found the old video on my vimeo here –

    Best to you! x

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