BT Vision – Premier League Football Branding

This was our design concept for the BT Vision titles that would give BT Premier League football a whole new look. Using bright and vibrant paint splashes, club colours were to be used to create instantly recognisable silhouettes and trace dynamic action sequences to give the BT Vision package an original, bold and unique branding.

Here was the treatment that accompanied the storyboard….
From a splatter of paint emerges a recognisable image of a player striking a ball, a manager gesticulating to his team or a referee blowing his whistle or brandishing a yellow card. Each paint splat will be carefully manipulated and shot to form the shape of the selected footage allowing a seamless and elegant transition from paint splat to fully formed figure. Each footballing hero will be represented by using the club colours he plays for or manages. The scene will reflect these colours, changing with every transition until all the premier clubs have been represented. The background will also represent the clubs with elements from the club badges, and a continuation of the kit and club colours.

Client: BT Vision

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