Global Album Chart Show

This was a pitch for a Title Sequence and graphics package for a Chart Show to be shown on UK Television.

Here was the brief treatment that accompanied the storyboard….
45 second title sequence concept.
The central element to the sequence is the ever moving and changing gold globe.
It consists of seemingly hundreds of randomly extendable columns, each able to quickly extend towards camera to display graphics, information, footage etc.
The camera remains relatively still, with a handheld feel, gently rotating around the environment, while the globe is always jumping and fidgeting about, moving backwards and forwards, extending and retracting it’s cube like tendrils in a wavy organic yet techy motion. It feels alive, playful and amorphous.
The globe pulsates more violently throwing forward a shower of tumbling musical notes that sparkle as they move towards us.
Camera rushes through the notes and into the globe to see a clean, techy and funky environment, numbers, dancers, giant arrows and strange constructing and deconstructing objects.
Rushing back out of the globe, more clips are shown, until a climactic burst of animation heralds the title.

Client: Sprout

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