Commando VIP

‘Heather Peace’ from: Ultimate Force. ‘Ryan Dunn’ from: Jackass. ‘Lee Evans’ from: Steps. ‘Jason Cowen’ from: Big Brother 5. ‘Nigel Benn’ ex soldier and pro boxer. ‘Steve Collins’ pro boxer.
These Celebrities are put through the toughest training on earth under three former commandos in the real forces. They are tested with their fitness and also their brains by completing tough training in preparation for a mission. They have six missions in total such as locating a downed pilot over enemy lines across rugged and tough terrain, and seiging a building to save hostages.

The animation for this title sequence was designed and created in Autodesk Discreet Combustion, combining live action and effects specially shot effects elements. A strong grade, animated camera shake, and sound design were added to give the sequence the impact it needed for an action reality series.

Client: five / IWC Media

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