Don’t Get Done Get Dom

The BBC1 consumer affairs programme Don’t Get Done, Get Dom is now in its fourth series, and has over 1 million regular viewers. The show is aired morning weekdays on a six-week run. Consumer rights champion Dominic Littlewood takes on big companies and stands up for the man in street when they’ve been short-changed. Dom brings his expertise in buying and selling and man-on-a-mission energy to this book, laying down some easy-to-follow principles that will help people to find bargains, negotiate the best deals and beat the credit crunch.

This title sequence was created by first editing a bed of shots to the music track from a mixture of Dominic Littlewood scenes and consumer reactions. The shots were then layered up with graphics, animated text, monetary symbols, 3d cgi elements and transitions using Autodesk Discreet Flint. The final title logo was created separately in After Effects and then incorporated with the body of the sequence and finally given a master grade.

Client: BBC1 / Flame Television

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