Driving Wars

UKTV has gone all-out with an impressively ambitious £230,000-per-episode ‘Hollywood stunt-style’ series in which so many cars have been written off that the production crew have lost count. DazPix was asked to create the title sequence and graphics package for the series which we delighted in saying a big Yes! What fun we had with cars, explosions, giant grabber arms and trucks hell-bent on crashing. The sequence was created in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

The cars in the show are controlled from the base station which contains a Jaguar XJ6 fitted out with five TV screens instead of a windscreen and windows. It has also been converted to remotely control a second car, fitted with a state-of-the-art robotics system and four cameras, to take part in a series of challenges on a nearby track. These challenges are played out across the airbase and make full use of its features, including nuclear bunkers, a runway, a quarry, a forest section and enormous aircraft hangars. And of course, there’s the added pressure of being chased by JCBs, buggies and police cars, as well as being aware you’re competing against the clock with another team.


Road From Hell
Keep the car on the road for as long as possible while being chased by two armoured trucks

Police Chase
Outrun police cars in a tight, industrial landscape

The Jump
Drive through a wall of flames before leaping 100 feet of parked cars

Movie Medley
Navigate a series of obstacles before driving up a ramp onto the back of an articulated lorry travelling at 50mph

The Bear Pit
Stay alive while being pursued by buggies and JCBs around a quarry

Duck and Cover
Clear a dockside car park while being shot at with petrol bombs by gunmen

The Wrecking Yard
An auto assault course including a 20ft high aerial tightrope track

Client: Blink Productions / UKTV Dave

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  • Paul davies

    How do we take part in driving wars show please

  • Paul davies

    How do we get on the show please

  • admin

    contact Blink the Production Company for the show

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