EMI awards

A one time used sequence for the end of year EMI awards ceremony. The sequence headed up the event which was followed by each award based on album sales for the year.

The entire catalogue of the years EMI album covers were sourced and made consistent sizes in photoshop. Special mosaic creating software was then utilised to take suitable album covers from the huge number of files to recreate a specific cover artwork. The large resolution file was then taken into Maya, where the image was dissected using a grid so that each cover image could be manipulated separately. The ripple, warp and spinning effects were then added into the animation and the sequence was made to work with the music. The final result was created using Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Discreet Flint, Combustion and After Effects. DazPix also created 75 separate strap animations, countdowns, end credits and bumpers for the awards film.

Client: EMI / Maguffin

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