Escape To The Legion

No other military force retains the chilling, enigmatic mystery of the French Foreign Legion. It’s been painted as the definitive military machine; the harsh last resort for men on the run; and the ultimate boys own adventure. In Escape To The Legion the historical appeal of Lad’s army combines with the genuine living-history experience of Frontier House.
Led by explorer and former SAS trainer Bear Grylls, a group of mainly British men were placed in a Saharan Foreign Legion Fort where for 4 weeks they experienced a compressed Foreign Legion training programme led by 3 full uniformed former Legionnaires. The filming will followed the daily ups and downs of these recruits as they attempted to turn themselves into viable Legionnaires.

The brief for this sequence was to give an impression of the intense heat, dryness, and desolation of the Saharan desert Frontier House training fort as well as illustrate how basic and rough life was during training. We made use of some wonderful super 8mm film footage shot on location and edited the body of the sequence with shots of the fort and soldiers on their exercises. Fire, a map, skull and effects were added to create the right tone for the show, and the whole sequence was treated with multilayering, filmic effects, extra grain and given a film sprocket border. Avid Composer was used for the edit, the compositing, animation and effects work was done on Autodesk Discreet Flint with some additional After Effects touches.

Client: Channel 4 / Diverse Production

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