The Greatest Ever Movies

This was a series of 5 programs for Five which counted down the 40 best movies in a variety of genres, Blockbuster, Scary, Romantic, Comedy and 80’s. We were tasked with providing 5 separate title sequences, one for each program all with different endings relevant to the genre and each with bespoke music beds to enhance the style of each countdown. As well as the title sequences, we also needed to provide all the graphics for the series, including the countdowns, bumpers, idents, interstitials, straps, credits and information and competition screens. The music was composed by Miguel d’Oliveira.

Using stock photography from the movies featured, we designed and pieced together a series of scenes encompassing a huge range of films voted for by the public. Our Autodesk Discreet Flint composited the photographic elements together with live action effects elements, such as explosions, smoke and sparks with 3d modelling and cgi renders from Maya. The series was aired on five in the build up to Christmas.

Client: Diverse Productions / Five

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