Guinness Enigma – The Surreal Thing

The commercial was shot in a studio on 35mm film using a variety of techniques including bluescreen, motion control, stopframe animation and models. It was graded in a DaVinci telecine suite then treated, composited and layered in Discreet Flame and Quantel Flash Harry. Layers of dust and particles were added to give the Dali sculptures and dry backdrop desert the hot and dusty atmosphere, glass was painstakingly removed and many warp effects utilised to create this surreal and memorable commercial. DazPix helped create the illusions using many visual effects techniques and compositing tricks working with the Director to achieve this remarkable award winning result.

This film won ‘Best Special Effects In A Commercial’ and was Finalist at the New York Monitor Awards for ‘Best Electronic Effects’ in the National Commercials Category.

Client: The Artists Company / Publicis

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