We were approached to make a promotional film for Malibu, showing how the magic of the drink can turn all situations into fun, while ensuring that basic sales and corporate messages were clear without being dull and predictable.
We spent a day casting the models, two girls and a boy, and briefed them with a very hard task….drink some nice booze and pretend your having fun at a party with friends.
We found a great little bar in the Fulham Road, Chelsea, London and hired the basement which had enough room for us to move in with all the camera gear and had it’s own bar for us to use. We first shot the bartender working his magic and amazing us with his array of stunts and tricks before inviting some of our local friends along to fill up the bar and give it a proper party feel. We lavished them all with free drinks and brought in a DJ to get everyone into the mood while we shot some city street material and the taxi ride with two of the girls. By the time we got back to the bar everyone was well oiled and in the mood to have some fun, so we effortlessly got some great shots of our guys and girls having a great time at the party.
Once we got back to the studio the next day we began the edit on Avid Media Composer, while also creating the opening sequence of the bottle on the beach with the sales messages. This whole sequence was created in Autodesk Discreet Flint from still photography from the Jamaican location Malibu print campaign shoot. We onlined the footage and began compositing everything together and adding all the special touches in Flint. We also used Combustion and After Effects with trapcode 3d stroke to create some of the transitions and light trails featured heavily in the film. Once we had finished we layed back the final sound mix and delivered to the client. The whole project was completed in a very intensive single week.

Client: Malibu / Attention / KUBE Media

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