Narrow Escapes of WWII

DazPix was asked to create a title sequence for the 11 part factual documentary series ‘Narrow Escapes of World War 2’ tracing tales of heroism behind enemy lines, great escapes and courage under fire during World War 2. The sequence was inspired by the end credits of the movie 300, using silhouettes and strong coloured backgrounds, the sequence is littered with explosions, smoke and bullet impacts. The audio was sourced from Audio Network who tweaked the track to fit the sequence duration, before the animation was re timed and layered to give it maximum impact.

Designed and Directed by DazPix, After Effects by Jun Iwakawa, Music by Audio Network and Sound Design & Final Mix by Clear Cut Pictures.

Client: World Media Rights

Narrow Escapes Storyboard

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  • Diane Dabbs

    Hi, Is this series, narrow escapes of world war 2, going to be put onto DVD?

  • admin

    I think so, best check with World Media Rights (the production company)

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