N-Dubz Against All Odds – Album Commercial

This commercial for the N-Dubz album ‘Against All Odds’ was designed and Directed by DazPix, while post was carried out at Chrome Digital. The concept, as can be seen from the storyboard frames in the gallery below, was to make full use of scale and the illusions of scale. Using the key end statement of ‘Biggest Album’, everything in this city environment is huge, including the band, who dwarf the skyscrapers they walk past. Editing on Final Cut Pro, the 3d cgi city, helicopter, giant jumbotron screens and other elements were created in Cinema 4D. Compositing was all done with Adobe After Effects, where lighting, brooding skies, sparks and lightning flashes were added. The N-Dubz kids were rotoscoped from other videos and incorporated into the shots, along with video footage that was composited into the huge screens dotted around the metropolis.

Client: AATW / LutiMedia

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  • Marc

    This seriously kicks ass, love the art direction, nice work Darren.

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