Net Communities – Promotional Video

Net Communities gives you immediate access to scattered and difficult to reach Technology, Business, Gadget and Lifestyle audiences. A network of highly targeted, hand picked sites, they deliver advertising and marketing solutions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We were briefed to provide an animated video for Net Communites new website homepage, to explain what the company did, and how it benefits it’s clients. The design needed to follow the updated branding of the company and integrate very neatly, almost invisibly into their homepage. All the visual work was carried out with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, and the sound design was created at Podcast Voices and Video.

Client: Net Communities / Podcast Voices & Video

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  • Giotto

    Looks Great, I’m Curious about how you did the letter trails and the liquid filling effects.

  • admin

    Hi Giotto,
    The letter trails use expressions in After Effects and are similar in essence to the ‘Matrix’ style effect. These randomised streams of numbers have then been warped to fit specific paths with the pen tool. The liquid is some real footage that has been treated in After Effects and retimed to work within the animation.

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