Newsnight – Revolution 2011 – Middle East Special

BBC Newsnight asked us to create a series of maps and programme graphics for their Middle East Special – Revolution 2011 broadcast on 24th February 2011.

After Effects was used over 2 days working with very tight deadlines. Working with the correspondents and editors as the story evolved and the requirements changed, we worked right up to the deadline airing that evening.

From the BBC Website:

As the world watches the extraordinary outbreak of unrest and protest in the Middle East and North Africa, Newsnight broadcasts a special live programme asking what it means for the region, the West and the world.

The team of reporters look at common strands and differences in the protests, who the protesters are, what forms of government are likely to emerge as a result and to what extent Western relations with those governments will have to be recalibrated.

Client: BBC Newsnight

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