Rolls Royce – Coupe MMS

Rolls Royce wanted to create an MMS for their new convertible. Aimed at a very, very select number of customers, Rolls Royce was still putting the final touches to the car. So most of it had to remain seductively hidden, meaning that the car had to be shown off without actually seeing the car, or at least much of it. The whole production was turned around in seven days. Shot by Whitedog Productions, using tight close ups, delicate movements and sensual lighting to create the intrigue the car needed on the smallest of screens.
The commercial was finished by DazPix using Autodesk Discreet Flint, online edit, grading, compositing and retouching, and enhancing the beautiful shots. The final shot of the car was constructed from various different shots and elements, and heavily treated so as not to give away too many clues about the final look of the car itself.

Client: Rolls Royce / Whitedog Productions

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