Rolls Royce – Christmas Viral

Rolls Royce wanted to produce a Christmas viral for the Phantom. It was decided to create an homage to the ground-breaking 1963 Volkswagen ‘Snowplough’ commercial (“Have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snowplough drives to the snowplough?”). However, it was already November; the budget was tight and the production values had to be sky-high. The scenes were shot in a blizzard in the mountains to the east of Rome by Whitedog Productions. After editing the result was a frame for frame match to the original commercial. The commercial was finished by DazPix using Autodesk Discreet Flint, grading, compositing additional snow layers into most shots, making the transition from snow plough to Phantom and back to snow plough, and enhancing the vehicles lights.

Client: Rolls Royce / Whitedog Productions

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