Shobily Port

Shobily Port is an enormous business development park built in the shape of a gigantic key which is so big, it can be seen on satellite images taken from space.
This 1.6 billion dollar sprawling development stretches for 7 kilometers along the Khobar beach-front. Encompasing 7-million square meters, the development includes luxurious residential towers, high-class retail, tourism and entertainment facilities. At the center of this deluxe project is the Middle East’s first “Floating Mall” bringing a taste of Venice to the heart of the Arab World.

The commercial was shot in South Africa using a combination of underwater photography, greenscreen and live action with purpose built sets on 35mm film. The film was transferred and graded back in London before the edit, visual effects and compositing were finished on Avid Composer and Discreet Flint. Cityscape and additional elements were sourced from high resolution photography.

Client: Khaled Saud Al Shobily / OR Madarat

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