Somatic – Rocking Chair

Somatic are a boy/boy/girl band, called Damien, Bernie and Fleur, the sort of lineup which invites immediate comparisons with the likes of One Dove, Saint Etienne and, not a million miles away from the ground they tread, Portishead.
This dark and visually arresting music video was shot in an old hospital basement, full of pipes, cables, electrical junction boxes and old wiring. Fleur, the bands vocalist, makes her way through the maze of corridors following a trails of sparks and energy surges (tracked onto the footage with Discreet Flame), she discovers a gold painted man, a man covered in bird seed, and a man lying underwater in an old bath, until the sparks lead her to the ‘hive brain’, the nerve centre of the band we assume!
Aside from the hundreds of sparks that were animated and composited onto the cables, there were also many lighting effects added.

Client: Somatic

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