The Toybox – Feature Film

The Toybox Feature Film, British Horror Movie
It all began so innocently for two children growing up in England’s bulging rump – the deep, dark countryside of East Anglia. Their imaginations set ablaze by a book on local myths and legends.
Berenice convinces her younger brother Brian that she is the reincarnation of a witch with the powers to put everything right. He on the other hand, is fascinated by a mythical journeyman who once roamed the Fenlands of Norfolk, brutally murdering weary travellers who crossed his path.
As they grow up Brian becomes emotionally dependent on his sister. Years later Berenice returns home for a Christmas gathering with her new boyfriend. Brian who has been left to deal with dysfunctional family life, feels totally betrayed. As the festivities begin an overwhelming sense of impending horror surrounds the house.
Is the enemy outside or within the Usher family home…?

In the video above is a short edit of some of the visual effects DazPix created for the film, including psychadelic warping, snowfall, red burning dog eyes, mirror freakiness and light effects.
All work was carried out with Autodesk Discreet Flint.

Client: Brandnew Films

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