Trading Post

This was a successful pitch for a Trading Business Brand created in Photoshop.

Here was the brief treatment that accompanied the storyboard….
Utilising red and black (from Spectator Business brand) images are contrasted with blues and whites for clarity and crispness. The 15 sec piece is multi-layered using ‘windows’ into the world of business management. Everything moves gracefully, windows glide and animate on in 3d space like venetian blinds but from all 4 angles simultaneously, giving the impression of solving a puzzle. Once the windows are on screen the images within the windows cut on and off about like a sliding-tile puzzle. The images represent different aspects of business and management, office scenarios, trading floor, flow chart etc. There is also room for a brief glimpse of an interviewee. The background is a soft abstract loop of light and digital numbers (financial blurb) designed to loop for plasma displays.The Logo is based on the Spectator Business style but a little more modern.

Client: Spectator / Sprout

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