Work On The Wild Side

This was a pitch for a Teenagers series following working animals created in Photoshop.
Using photography of specific animals they would be brought to life with simple animation and amusing facial expressions. Although the sequence would have been constructed from 2d elements the whole piece is a journey in 3d space, with each scene constructing, moving, deconstructing and transitioning into the next scene.

Here was the treatment that accompanied the storyboard….
Opening on a clapperboard, which shuts and withdraws revealing a wild west scene, the camera pulls focus, where a Black stunt horse is holding his gallant pose, the long horned cattle looks on with bewilderment. We rush through the scene, twisting and deconstructing to discover a building site, with its monkey builders taking a break while the Orang-utan foreman looks on disapprovingly.
The animation changes again, this time a dog in bomb disposal costume, looks proudly if not slightly worried at the WWII bomb he’s just uncovered.
Flying past the tank and trees, a blaze of camera flashes recede to reveal a star cat actress sitting diva like next to her oscar statue. We pull back as if through one of the press’s camera lenses and snap the image which pulls back from a newspaper in the briefcase of a cute dog in his city office, he looks over his glasses cheekily, implying his interest in the feline starlet.
We deconstruct the scene through the window to discover a marine scene, dolphins leap happily in a kind of dance, joined by giggling pigs, we pull back through dense foliage.
The sequence finishes by continuing to pull out rapidly from the last scene past an elephant struggling to pull a heavy object, through the logo to reveal the title. The elephant drags in the ‘AT’ word and trumpets triumphantly as a final flourish.

Client: CBBC / Cineflix

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